CrossFit Melee is the Tri-Cities first ever CrossFit family. Our training programs, under the supervision of our professionally trained staff will give you the body you've always wanted in as little time as possible. Simply put, our system will create a stronger, leaner, better looking you! We guarantee that you will be treated with the care and respect you deserve. You see, to us CrossFit Melee is not just a gym. We are a family bound together by a desire to be better and build better people. In no time you will feel the love and passion that we guarantee you will always find at CrossFit Melee.

Group Training

Our group training, or "Elements" class is an hour long class that incorporates STRENGTH and SKILL progressions followed by conditioning workouts of varying lengths of moderate to high intensity. Regardless of fitness level, your coach will work with you to increase loading and technical difficulty as you progress. 

If you want a workout that will make you LEAN, STRONG, and SEXY while you have FUN doing it, this is the class for you! 


One on One Training

This is where you will work PERSONALLY with our trainer to build your general fitness base and gain familiarity with our movements.  You will find the greatest success with personal training if your needs or goals include:

WEIGHT LOSS and improved body composition
• you have generally been sedentary
• you are referred to us by a physician
• you have specific PERFORMANCE oriented goals (school athletics, fitness competition, etc.)
• you have significant HEALTH or orthopedic issues